love and lilly

if there is one thing that melts my heart every time i see it - it is this little girl and her daddy. 

how can my heart have room for this much love for another little girl when it overflows with love for these two.  love is a curious thing - you can't have too much, it can multiply over and over again and there is always more to give.  i suppose when you consider the source, a loving and gracious God, you realize there is an infinite amount that is given to us - and an infinite amount for us to give.

lilly with her grand-daddy.  what fun they have together.  

the girly is a ham.  laughing with a crowd, or just slightly after.  putting on a good show for an audience and always keeping us on our toes.

 she will be 15 months in a couple of days.  she is walking, trying to run, eating a lot of foods on her own, cutting new molars, giving hugs and kisses, makes multiple animals sounds, and loves her teddy, pacifier and blanket...and bagels!

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