self portrait

my name is keri.  also known as keri beth, ker, ms. keri, aunt keri, keriander and babe. as many women are, i am a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend and wife.  i am yet to be a mom, unless you count the skiddish, loving cat and the 'i'm still a puppy and i'm going to make sure you know it' dog. (aka pumpkin and mona.)

as of today, 10.24.12, i have been married to the mr. (john) for 8 years, 3 months and 28 days.  i have known him for many more.  he is such big part of who i am, growing up together and experiencing life together - i would not be me without him.  as time goes by, sadly faster and faster, it just gets better.  i am still discovering new things about the boy i fell in love with over a century ago and he still unexpectedly takes my breath away.  he challenges, provides for and loves me in a way i do not fully understand - and i know only the Lord can orchestrate such a match. i am blessed to be his mrs.

i am a christian. that may not mean much to some or it just might, but it defines who i am.  i believe in God and the Bible.  my faith shapes my world view.  it determines how i think, act, see and interact on this earth.  i have been given life and i will walk in it with one purpose - to glorify the one who gave it to me.  everyday is another day used to change me into the godly woman i desire to be.

family and friends are irreplaceable. and i have a lot of them.  the older i get the more i realize how little time we have and how precious they are.  family time, pictures, vacations, game nights, and dinners are always on the calendar.

oh, i also like camping, reading, movies, music, knitting, crocheting, quilting, games, and mountain dew.  i should enjoy things like exercising, laundry and dishes, but that doesn't come so naturally. and i need to work on my fear of vomiting, tipping backwards in a chair and riding in or on recreational vehicles.

so, that's me.  normal, right?  so why blog?

well, let's be honest.  i haven't been very good at it in the past and it's not like i am inspirational with my words, but i do not keep a diary and i might want to remember these things when i'm old.  so here's to a fresh start with the blog! (of which, i  will use less exclamation marks and smiley faces, so please do not interpret it as a less happy me, just a simpler version of myself.)  i do not plan to expound in great detail, or burden myself with the expectation of posting daily.  i will just share a few notes, pictures and encouraging things as they come.


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