we went to my most favorite place over the 4th of july.  the cabin.  quiet and peaceful. relaxing. a place i want lilly to know and love and appreciate as she grows up.

she loves to slowly back up and sit on things - it's pretty darn cute.  and there was an abundance of rocks and stumps to reverse into this weekend. (and pick up and gather and relocate!)

ed and liz we there and brought up their tree tent.  pretty cool.  an above ground pack-n-play :)

there are so many more pictures i wanted to take and i just need to keep the camera out and available all the time.  so many cute and fun memories to capture - but hard to capture them when you are living in them.


father's day

oh how a year flies by.  this little girl and her daddy are my whole world.  i am blessed to be able be a part of this family and witness the love between these two.

making a card for daddy.

happy father's day to a most loving daddy who would do anything for his daughter!


baby girl #2

 here is baby girl #2 at 21 weeks.  she is growing perfectly.  now we need to just decide on a name!


we love camping.  the wind in the trees, the sound of rushing water, the campfire, the quiet, the relaxation and game playing.  all of those things are a little less peaceful with a one year old! 

it was fun to see dirt and rocks and sticks through her eyes and this little one loves being outside.  but we might have to stick to the cabin the next few years - more land to roam, no streams to fall in to, hills to roll down. less impending danger around and plenty of outside to enjoy.

they both tuckered themselves out and slept the whole way home!


love and lilly

if there is one thing that melts my heart every time i see it - it is this little girl and her daddy. 

how can my heart have room for this much love for another little girl when it overflows with love for these two.  love is a curious thing - you can't have too much, it can multiply over and over again and there is always more to give.  i suppose when you consider the source, a loving and gracious God, you realize there is an infinite amount that is given to us - and an infinite amount for us to give.

lilly with her grand-daddy.  what fun they have together.  

the girly is a ham.  laughing with a crowd, or just slightly after.  putting on a good show for an audience and always keeping us on our toes.

 she will be 15 months in a couple of days.  she is walking, trying to run, eating a lot of foods on her own, cutting new molars, giving hugs and kisses, makes multiple animals sounds, and loves her teddy, pacifier and blanket...and bagels!